Urban travel life style
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Urban travel life style

Urban mobility life style, a cultural matter?
Cities have their own identity and their own urban travel life style is a part of that identity. Traffic is not an act of nature. Every morning each of us makes a choice for a specific transport mode. We make that choice based on well know factors suchlike time efficiency, comfort, availability, costs, etc.
It is less known that social status and life style plays an important role in one’s transport mode choice. That’s why information, promotion and campaigning have become standard in an urban mobility program. Mobility centers and campaigners inform citizens; promote clean and energy efficient transport and facilitate innovation in urban mobility services.
Cities to promote the new urban travel life style
Cities in Albania have a lively walking culture. Cycling unfortunately got a somewhat old fashioned imago in the last decade but remains popular amongst old and young generation and has, due to historic reasons, a great potential (cf Shkodra). Busses are undergoing rapid modernization but need better marketing and facilities.
Imagine in the near future Albanian municipalities to promote walking as the healthy way (‘the 40 minutes daily physical exercise’). Imagine cycling to become the fancy thing amongst urban youngsters. Imagine also an Albanian campaign against illegal parking on sidewalks. Also, companies may offer employees incentives for use of public buses and company bikes.

Which services does the SHKO 2 team offer to you?

•    Consults about organisation of events (suchlike: Car free day and Bike day events)   
•    Awareness raising activities with target groups (educational community, economic community
•    Seminars and workshops
•    ‘Artistic events & products
•    Quality pictures and leaflets
•    Production of educational materials

Go to www.mobalb.al, then go to  Shkodra Demo and click on ’Shkodra promotes an active, clean and energy efficient urban travel lifestyle’

•    Lauren Bekteshi
•    Nektar Duma, Shkodra
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Business plan GO 2:   element PROMOTION

Shkodra Bashkia outsources the ‘urban travel life style  and Shkodra, cycling : great tradition and bright future’ campaign to the NGO GO 2 for the period  2013 -2015

MOBALB recommends continuing the ‘urban travel life style’ actions with school travel plans, company and administration travel plans and ‘bike day or EU Mobility week’ initiatives as initiated in 2010 -2011. Information, promotion, campaigning and education is a standard component of a sustainable urban mobility policy.
The manifesto ‘Shkodra, cycling city’ has the potential to become a brand campaign name for Shkodra that is demonstrative for its role as laboratory for sustainable urban travel in Albania and the region.


The main objective is to promote the sustainable urban travel life style for Shkodra to the public at large and to specific target groups  

Work packages and tasks
-    Develop and implement a  sustainable urban travel life style strategy for Shkodra
-    Act as the secretariat for the manifesto and platform ‘Shkodra, cycling city’
-    Continue school travel planning with the educational community and in cooperation with traffic police
-    Continue company and administration travel planning with the institutions and companies  
-    Start cooperation on urban travel life style with tourist sector
-    Annual thematic campaigns

Human resources requested

-    1 staff in Shkodra Municipality: Urban mobility lifestyle campaigner
+ NGO GO 2  assignment for  campaign 2013 -2015 :  7.000 euro annually (20.000 euro 2013 -2015)

Seek international support

Envisaged outcome
•    Sustainable urban travel life style strategy and plan 2014 -2020
•    Annual work plan with one annual thematic campaign and various specific actions with stakeholders  
•    Secretariat for Manifesto / Platform ‘ Shkodra, cycling city’

Read more
•    European mobility week: www.mobilityweek.eu
•    Civitas program:  www.civitas-initiative.eu / Go to ‘mobility solutions’ – ‘demonstration measures’ and click on ‘mobility management’
•    ELTIS: www.eltis.org

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